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Enterprise Asset Management

Manhattan Atrium the UK’s leading supplier of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions.

The Atrium EAM system uniquely addresses both the strategic and operational needs of property asset and facilities management.  It focuses on helping organisations reduce cost, add value, manage risk and improve performance through better property and asset management.  The software suite is made up of two main parts:

Strategic asset investment planning
enabling your organisation to measure past, present and future performance, and make evidence-based decisions to optimise the use and management of assets in line with long-term corporate objectives.

Operational asset management
delivering efficiencies and a joined-up approach across a comprehensive range of functions from terrier, surveys and maintenance, to helpdesk, contractor management and KPI reports.

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The Estates business area is focused on the ownership and financial aspects of a property portfolio.  It is made up of the following module:

Acquisitions & Disposals – covering the full details of ownership, including land titles, deeds, boundaries, covenants, easements, wayleaves, constraints etc.

Agreements – for managing all agreements affecting the portfolio, regardless of the type (lease, licence, permit etc.) or whether the organisation is acting as the tenant or landlord.

Valuations – covering asset, insurance and rating valuations and providing Capital Accounting facilities to new the IFRS standards.

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The Assessment business area allows any type of survey or inspection to be conducted and recorded against the portfolio, via the following modules:

Condition Survey – providing a configurable approach to condition assessment, based on the organisations adopted method of survey, risk factors, prioritisation approach and standard cost rates.

Specialist Surveys – for all forms of compliance assessment.  Standard but tailorable templates are provided for Asbestos, Fire Risk, Disabled Access and Legionella.  However, any number of additional survey types can also be easily created to client requirements.

Suitability & Sufficiency– allowing detailed capture of suitability & sufficiency assessments, including DfE standards for school premises.

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The Works business area caters for all forms of maintenance and other works conducted against the property portfolio.  It is made up of the following modules:

Orders – for reactive maintenance and other small scale jobs.

Contracts & Projects– for planned preventative maintenance (PPM), other forms of cyclical maintenance and all types and size of property project.

Contractor – for direct system access by the organisation’s supply chain or work teams, in order to record completion, raise variations, submit payments etc.

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The Occupancy business area is focused on the day-to-day handling of property occupiers, the periodic monitoring of occupancy costs / environment impact and the modelling of occupancy space requirements.  It is made up of the following modules:

Request Management - for the recording and management of all forms of incoming property occupier requests, faults and queries.

Costs in Use & Sustainability - for the capture and monitoring of all cost types, energy consumptions, emissions and other environmental data relating to the portfolio.

Space Modelling - for the modelling of property space, based of occupier requirements and configurable space standards, for both current and future expected demand.

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The Programming business area allows the creation of any number of detailed work programmes, based on your modelled investment scenarios.

Allows projects to be formed by logically grouping work packages together for efficiency.  The user can then subsequently track delivery progress, allowing the actual performance impact of programmes to be measured as projects are approved, undertaken and completed.

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The Forecasting business area predicts the long term cost and impact of investment scenarios, based on life-cycle costing principles.

The user can balance investment expenditure with expected savings and revenues over time, in order to form a complete long-term view of each scenario.

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The Modelling business area allows the creation of any number of investment scenarios for easy comparison, based on your organisation's business objectives, policies and budgets. 

A flexible top-down or bottom-up approach can be taken when scenario planning, and the system can automatically assist the user in the process by utilising client configurable investment rules based on policy and available budget. 

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The Performance business area provides an holistic view of the strategic performance of your property portfolio, both as it is now and based on investment scenario or work programme outcomes.

A flexible balanced scorecard and other standard facilities provide immediate visualisation of performance, with any number of additional dashboard graphs also being configurable, based on your organisation's reporting requirements.

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Sitting at the heart of the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, Portfolio uses our unique Single Integrated Asset Model TM  (SIAM) to bring together often diverse and disparate functions and data sets to clearly and accurately define your entire asset portfolio from both a Strategic and Operational perspective.

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