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Strategic Asset Investment Planning

The strategic part of the Atrium EAM suite is focused on helping your organisation reduce cost, add value, manage risk and improve performance.  

The strategic modules of the Atrium EAM suite (see right), combined with a range of Additional Features, provide a management view of your estate; measures past, present and future performance; and enable you to make evidence-based decisions to optimise the use and management of assets in line with long-term corporate objectives.

Whilst many organisations have invested in operational systems to manage property functions, most still rely on spreadsheets to manage investment planning. This typically results in issues with data management, reliability, accessibility and reporting.

The strategic part of the Atrium EAM suite addresses these problems in a fully web enabled software solution that can work in combination with the operational part. Alternatively, it can be purchased separately, where it can draw together all the relevant data from third party data products (eg CAFM, CMMS, Project, and finance, energy, survey and document systems) into one integrated whole.

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